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Spiritual Medium

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About Me

I make a firm commitment to helping
you along in your journey.

Lenka is genuinely passionate about helping others. Whether you’re new to your spiritual side or you want to seek life changing guidance, Lenka can help you.

From reiki healing to card reading, and sending messages from the great beyond, her words of wisdom and comfort will transform the way you travel life. When you work with Lenka, you begin a journey toward a brighter future.

A lifetime of work with healing energies has prepared Lenka to guide you on your life's path.

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What I Can Offer

Learn more about my gifts and the capacity I can provide service.

I’m proud to be a Niagara Falls based business. Come by and visit; I'm here for you!

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Private Readings

Delve into your past lives, reach out to loved ones in the great beyond, check up on your deceased pets, and get messages from your guides.

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Tarot Readings

Lenka receives messages as visions, voices, sounds and smells which she often confirms with her Tarot cards.

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Angel Readings

Lenka will reach out to the angels and receive messages meant just for you. Messages of comfort, guidance, and reconciliation are not uncommon.

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House Parties

House Parties use a combined method of clairvoyant reading, including channelled messages from Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones and/or Tarot.

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Angel Parties

You and your Friends are invited to meet your Guardian Angels. Lenka will give you each a message and introduce you to the powers watching and guiding your life.

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Healing Sessions

With a gentle touch, kind words, and a compassionate heart… Lenka will close the wounds in your soul with the power of Spirit.


What some recent clients say about their experiences with Lenka Kamenicky

I am so happy to live a life of service and live it well! I might be biased. Here's what my clients say.

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Stan Mallow

Niagara Falls, Ontario

As the host of the Paranormal Show on TV Cogeco in Niagara Falls I have had the good fortune to interview hundreds of guests. Lenka Kamenicky is one of my favorite. She is a natural.

Interviewing her was a pleasure. The readings she gave to callers to the show were right on.

To cut to the chase, I have nothing but praise for Lenka and her psychic abilities.

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Carm Mendosa

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Thank you for the reading!

It was incredible and so accurate!!

Lenka has one of the most amazing souls...

So truly pure , honest and loving !!

a beautiful tan face grins at the camera with her dark hair pulled back

Melissa Metzke

West Lincoln, Ontario

I have had many readings with Lenka and she is wonderful.

There have been many confirmations that I have received from Lenka regarding my life or my career.

She provided me guidance on many occasions, pointing me in the right direction and always respecting its free will. Lenka’s readings are wonderful uplifting and straight from the diamond light.

a beautiful face grins at the camera framed by her dark hair



Your compassion, sensitivity and sense of humor was truly insightful, amazing and given with love.

It all really made sense when I looked very deep within me.

We all have the power to go inside of ourselves but sometimes we don’t feel safe doing it.

I thank you for providing a safe place to go and to guide me.

Thank you for such a fabulous and uplifting experience!

a woman with a smile that lights up the photograph stares into the camera

Linda Cole

Stoney Creek, Ontario

I want to thank you Lenka for the wonderful phone reading that you gave me!

Everything was right on! You said things that I was doing & signed up to do!

The things that no one would know you hit on! Giving me one of my angels name was so very special!

You confirmed a lot of things that have happened, going on & just proved I was on the right path!

Plus we never met & for you to tell me this was amazing!

Lenka Kamenicky,
Spiritual Medium

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